How to play

How to play Godolphin Fantasy Stable League

How to play

Select ten horses to create your fantasy stable from the list of Godolphin horses provided.

The ten horses in your stable will score points if they finish first, second or third in any races they participate in for the duration of this competition.

Collect bonus points by predicting the finishing position of Godolphin horse(s) in the selected Bonus Race.

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Selecting a stable

To create a stable follow the easy step-by-step process and select ten horses from the list of Godolphin horses provided. Just click on the horse’s name to find out more information about the horses and their careers.


Change the horses in your stable up to five times during the competition. You can replace some, or all, of the 10 horses in your stable to increase your chances of winning. You can also select the Lucky Dip option. 

Scoring Points

You will receive a notification if one of your horses has a top-three finish in a race during this competition. Any points earned will be added to your overall score and stored against the horse in your stable.

Points are awarded for first, second and third places only and will vary depending on the race type – see below for more information.

 Race Type 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Group 1 500 400 300
Group 2 400 300 200
Group 3 300 200 100
Listed  250 160 80
All other races 120 80 40

Bonus Points

Increase your score and chances of winning by entering the Bonus Race.

Simply pick where you think the Godolphin horse(s) will finish in the selected bonus race (regardless of whether the horse(s) is in your stable or not).

Each correct guess is worth 200 points, which will be added to your overall score.